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Rochester Area Youth Assistance

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Mentors Plus - Have a Little Extra Time? Make a Difference in a Life!

Mentors Plus

A little time each week. A little caring. A little piece of yourself, reserved just for a special kid who needs it. And Mentors Plus, to put the two of you together and help you learn from each other.

Mentors Plus, sponsored by Oakland County Youth Assistance, has been matching caring adults with young people who need them since 1973. Thousands of “matches” have been made, many of which have grown into lasting friendships. You can choose the sort of involvement that seems right for you – prevention, working with an at-risk youngster, or intervention, helping to guide a young person with minor court involvement back onto the right track.

Being a mentor is an important contribution, and it’s a serious responsibility – but it’s also a lot of fun! Your time together can include anything from sharing a movie to taking a walk to hitting a baseball. The important thing is the time and the good feelings it brings to you both.

You’ll not only gain one very special young friend, you’ll also have opportunities to meet other volunteers and their matches, as well as members of your own local Mentors Plus volunteer advisory committee. They share your concern for kids and they’ll welcome you warmly into their ongoing efforts to help make childhood and the teen years secure and positive.

Did You Know?

After only 18 months, youngsters who met with their mentors an average of three times per month were:

  • 46 percent less likely than a control group to start using drugs.
  • 27 percent less likely to start drinking.
  • 53 percent less likely to skip school.
  • 37 percent less likely to skip class.

To Learn More About Mentors Plus

Contact Oakland County Youth Assistance 248-858-0041. You can request a general information packet and application or you can learn when the next orientation session will take place.

If you have a little extra time, you really WILL make a difference in a life!

You can download the Mentors Plus Description Document for your reference.

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